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Protein Supplements For Men

Protein Supplements For Men

Protein is the most important ingredient for human body. There are several sources of protein. You get majority of the protein from whole foods, eggs, plants and animal sources. Men who are going to gym and doing regular workout, it is essential for them to get enough high-quality protein when their muscles are more receptive to it. But to gain this high amount of protein you may need to have a lot of chicken and salmon fillets so you can get all the protein you need. That’s where men use supplements which are quite handy and accessible. Mostly men take it in the form of protein shakes after a workout. These protein powders are now getting more and more popular as a nutritional supplement.

The question is how do you choose a protein powder? Getting the right protein at the right times of the day can make a huge difference in building up your extra muscles. You need to determine that which supplement is worthy enough to be included in your daily regime. The protein supplements come in various forms. Most are made from whey, soy and casein.

The most commonly used supplement is whey because it is a water-soluble milk protein and it digests and reaches your bloodstream faster. It is also a complete protein as it contains all of the nine amino acids which are necessary for human dietary needs, so it is usually considered the best type to use after a workout. The rapid digestion of whey protein has been shown very important for pushing muscle growth. Whey is the protein that is found in milk. A glass of milk contains 20 percent of the whey protein, so it is obvious that the production of whey protein starts with dairy cows. Earlier, whey was considered a byproduct of cheese production and was wasted and dumped. Nowadays, dairy companies have realized the value of whey so they concentrate it and purify it and sell it to supplement companies as a raw protein.

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Casein is the exact opposite of whey. The protein in a glass of milk is 80 percent casein, so casein has more fats and carbs than the higher-quality proteins. It is also very useful and offer the same muscle building benefits but it digests slowly and it does not taste good. If you want to gain weight then it will be a good idea to take casein protein before bedtime. In the context of muscle building, whey protein is far more effective than any other protein.

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